Analysis of pakistani carpet industries

With the manufacturing industry having both large and smaller units situation analysis (pakistan): wool can play an important role in pakistan' s fiber mix as it is a necessory part of winter clothing and carpet industry in pakistan pakistan is world's 10th largest sheep rearer and 13th largest wool. Carpet business plan project discusses about setting-up new carpet company and also explains market, competition, budget and different useful analysis according to the pakistan carpet manufacturers and exporters association ( pcmea, 2003) there are 150000-200000 looms in the country the number of weavers is. Export to pakistan 30 52 costs to the final point of sale 31 53 the international carpet market 32 6 summary discussion 33 annex 1 differentiating carpet quality 35 references discussion relevant to all three studies, as well as preliminary analysis of the salient points wool derived from the carpet industry of. Pakistan's trade statistics monthly review (july-december 2017-18) view download regional country variation analysis july - january ( 2016-2017) exports by region and country view download by country view download by commodity view download top 40 exporting countries view.

analysis of pakistani carpet industries The rca of the manufacturing sector shows that textile (5485), carpets (1072), sports goods (218) and beverages (147) have higher competitiveness the rca , in relatively capital-intensive industries, shows a high disadvantage the trend analysis shows distorted competitiveness in labour-intensive, textile, carpet and.

Pakistan and usa the persistence of such situation results in permanent recession in the domestic hand-woven carpet industry in the long-run, which in turn leads to flight and shift out of labor from carpet industry to the other businesses and finally to fade comparative advantage of the iranian hand-woven carpet in export. Pakistan earns profits worth millions of dollars annually noticeably, for centuries afghanistan has been known as an international leader in hand-made carpet production, but decades of war and political turmoil inflicted irreparable the afghan carpet industry: issues and challenges ms degree from apu, japan. Introduction the handmade carpet industry in india has about a 1% share of the total global demand of carpets by comparison, pakistan's carpet exports are reported to be valued at around 1000 crore inr interestingly analysis of the industry must be made through a systematic survey and made available by iict to.

A swot analysis of persian handmade carpet exports pakistan, india and china in producing and exporting handmade carpet increased, in 2006 when iran has 52 percents decrease in in this research, we analyze the opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses in handmade carpet industry. Nepalese carpet industry in kathmandu, ward 6 (boudha) and the jorpati village development committee this study is an analysis of survey and ethnographic -data from among three hundred carpet manufactories the murder in 1995 of iqbal masih, a pakistani boy who actively campaigned against the carpet. Knotted carpet industry has been widely reported and documented in recent and adult workers in carpet weaving in pakistan, no sys- tematic study has not engaged in carpet weaving children not engaged in carpet weaving who were from carpet-weaving fami- lies were excluded statistical analysis all the data forms. Pakistan nepal afghanistan table 1: global carpet production by country ( 2017e): percentage breakdown of production value for belgium, china, india table 22: world recent past, current & future analysis for carpets and rugs by geographic region - us, canada, japan, europe, asia-pacific.

Subject-matter experts with experience in the global carpet industry and supply chain management, as well as recent, relevant experience in afghanistan, conducted the analysis and evaluation of the studies we traveled to afghanistan, traveling about the country on multiple occasions to visit with key. The carpet industry is a de-centralized industry and is a generational craft where skills are significant exporters include turkey, afghanistan, and pakistan data analysis out of total 65 carpet organizations, 24 (369%) were proprietor/ owner, 22(338%) were partner and 14 (215%) were managers remaining 769 %. Carpet weaving is a type of worst form of child labor it is hazardous work according to hazardous occupation list of government of pakistan2 it means that children cannot work in this industry on any circumstances due to con sequences of child labor, govt of pakistan passed children act 1991 this act strictly banned the. Final report spatial analysis of small and cottage industries in punjab, pakistan syed m hasan attique ur rehman ijaz nabi naved hamid usman naeem september 2017 when citing this to undertake outside work, however, cottage or small-scale industries like carpet weaving, candle making or handicrafts can be.

Bhadohi carpet industry facing tough times | tehelka - investigations, latest news, politics, analysis, blogs, culture, photos, videos, podcasts earlier only iran and pakistan were their main competitors, but now machine-made chinese carpets are giving tough competition to indian products in the. Based on that, industries employing fewer than 10 employees are considered as small-scale industries in iran [5] carpet hand weaving is a common practice in countries such as iran, china, turkey, india, pakistan, russia, egypt, nepal and afghanistan [6] hand-woven carpets are the most important. Funding for this research on children working in the carpet industry of india, nepal, and pakistan was provided by the united states department of labor ( usdol) under cooperative agreement number il-16565-07-75-k with macro international (now icf international) this report does not necessarily reflect the views or. Such changes need furthermore be accompanied by altered policy frameworks in order to make a circular carpet industry a viable option these conclusions are based on analyses of the regulatory framework and treatment patterns and an environmental impact analysis of primary and secondary carpets keywords: carpet.

Analysis of pakistani carpet industries

Pakistan ranked as number 43-44 among the countries of the world in nominal gdp, 26th in gdp with purchasing power parity and number 55 in the world in factory output pakistan's industrial sector accounts for about 24% of gdp cotton textile production and apparel manufacturing are pakistan's largest industries,. Meanwhile, chamber of mines and industry say the carpet industry is faced with many problems pakistan is giving four percent subsidy for the carpet exports through that country, therefore majority of afghan carpet is exported to world markets through pakistan and with the mark of pakistan, spokesman of.

  • The research prerogative used is basically through case analysis & pestel study pre & post segregated wrt weaving such as persian carpets, turkish carpets, pakistani carpets, european carpets indian carpets indian carpet industry is mainly the industry of exporter more than 2000 and major part.
  • Child labor in the carpet industry the most commonly recognized exports from pakistan that use child labor are carpets the pakistan secretary of labor maintains that the only major export using child labor is the carpet industry in 1990 2,463 children under 14 and another 4,246 between 14 and 17 years old were.

Analyze the comparative advantage of the carpet industry in pakistan and compare it with selected south asian countries ie china and india these countries were selected for measuring and comparing rca with pakistan's because they are similar in size and factor endowments and core competitor of pakistan in the. Comprehensive evaluation' of the project entitled 'combating child labour in the carpet industry in pakistan phase i' in this case, the comprehensive evaluation means the analysis of design, implementation, performance and impacts of the project as they related to the specified project objectives stated in the project. In handmade carpets work force matter more then raw material by using this idea, so we want to increase the level of workers life it's main objective of our business handmade carpet handy carpets industries industry analysis y pakistan world famous carpet trade is steeped in history y y y y and tradition.

Analysis of pakistani carpet industries
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